201405 Perinatal Care Intervention Partnership (PCIP): Reducing Disparities and Improving Outcomes in Mothers and Infants

A Request for Applications with set-aside is proposed entitled, “Perinatal Care Intervention Partnership (PCIP) Reducing Disparities and Improving Outcomes in Mothers and Infants” using the U01 Cooperative Agreement grant mechanism. This initiative involves a partnership between NICHD, NINR, and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Funding for this initiative will be provided by PCORI.


The purpose of the proposed initiative is to solicit proposals for one or two multicenter clinical trial(s) testing the effects of collaborative, multilevel, multicomponent interventions spanning the period from pre-pregnancy/interconception through postpartum on reducing disparities and improving perinatal outcomes for women and children. The pre-pregnancy period is becoming widely recognized as a key window of opportunity to improve birth outcomes, yet very little intervention research has been conducted preconceptionally. There is little evidence of the effectiveness of multilevel interventions on patient-centered outcomes.


The proposed RFA will solicit applications for funding to support one or two clinical trial(s) that would measure the comparative effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention delivered in the pre-pregnancy/interconception through postpartum period to improve outcomes among mothers and infants at risk for disparities in health outcomes. Components may include, among other features, organizational interventions such as patient education, provider education, patient navigation, use of mobile technologies, and establishment of community supports.


The objective of the RFA is to support one or two large clinical trial(s) that will definitively address the comparative effectiveness of multilevel, multicomponent interventions across the pre-pregnancy-to-postpartum period in reducing disparities and improving maternal and infant outcomes that may include preterm birth, low birth weight, depression, and initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding.

Program Contact

Caroline Signore, MD, MPH
Division of Extramural Research


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