201305 Non-hormonal Female Contraceptive Development Program

A request for applications (RFA) with set aside is proposed, entitled “Non-hormonal Female Contraceptive Development Program” using the U01 Research Project – Cooperative Agreements grant mechanism.


The purpose of the program is to stimulate development of novel, targeted, non-hormonal contraceptives for women. The proposed RFA would encourage basic researchers in the field of reproductive biology, immunology and other related fields to think about ways to utilize their research with the ultimate goal of contraceptive product development.


The goal is to identify unique druggable targets in the female reproductive system, most likely processes involving follicular development or rupture. We will encourage a practical approach, asking the applicants to propose a plausible explanation for how the potential targets could be manipulated or regulated by external agents that have the potential of being contraceptive.


The objective of this RFA is to identify compounds that would act specifically on unique targets in the female reproductive tract without the multiple systemic side effects experienced with hormonal contraceptives.

Program Contact

H. Trent MacKay, MD, MPH
Contraceptive Discovery and Development Branch


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