201301 Novel Approaches to Male Contraception

A request for applications (RFA) with set aside is proposed, entitled “Novel Approaches to Male Contraception” using the U01 Research Project – Cooperative Agreements grant mechanism.


The purpose of this RFA is to continue funding the “Novel Approaches to Male Contraception” for target discovery and validation, lead discovery and optimization and through service contracts and clinical trials network preclinical and clinical development of male contraceptive agents. There is a recognized need to continue funding the effort of contraceptive research and development because unintended pregnancy continues to be a challenge now and for the foreseeable future. The goal of developing new products to meet a variety of cultural and reproductive needs for both men and women has not been met. In particular, there is no safe, effective and reversible male contraceptive drug product in the market. Thus, it is critical to support research with the goal of identifying novel targets and developing products to alleviate this problematic challenge.


The scope of the research projects funded under this program will be directed to non-hormonal target discovery and validation and small molecule lead discovery and optimization of male specific targets as anti-fertility agents for the ultimate purpose of developing safe and effective male contraceptive product.


The objectives of the solicitation are: 1) discovery and validation of novel male specific fertility regulation targets and 2) lead discovery and optimization of small molecule anti-fertility agents for subsequent development of safe and effective contraceptive product. Toward that goal, we have developed a combination of U01 and U54 cooperative agreement programs as well as service contracts and a clinical trials network that bring together investigators and resources to explore novel approaches to male contraception. This program is a critical component in the CDDB mission to develop new contraceptive products that will serve the cultural and reproductive needs of the population.

Program Contact

Min S. Lee, PhD
Contraceptive Discovery and Development Branch


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