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The authors and conference participants gratefully acknowledge the dedication of the Autism Society of America that initiated the NIH Autism conference, and of the Autism National Committee that endorsed it; the Congressional leadership that makes this and all NIH research possible; the tireless efforts of the NIH Autism Inter-Institute Conference Coordinating Committee members, especially Dr. Duane Alexander, conference convener, who made the meetings a reality; and the scholarship and openness of the Autism Working Group whose disparate views are synthesized in this report and these summary papers. Finally, we thank those persons with autism and their families from whom we learn through research and for whom we toil.

In addition to the reporters and authors of summary papers the NIH Autism Working Group included: Pasquale Accardo, 2 Duane Alexander, 1 Patricia Amos, Edward Bedford, Ira Cohen, Judith Cooper, 3 Barbara Cutler, Felix de la Cruz, 3 Rebecca Del Carmen, 3 Ellen Feifarek, Deborah Fein, Carl Feinstein, Susan Folstein, B. J. Freeman, Janina Galler, 2 Peter Gerhardt, C. T Gordon, Zach W. Hall, James C. Harris, 2 Eric Hollander, Jerri Jacobs, Helena C. Kraemer, 2 Peter Jensen, 3 Michele Jones, Gary P. Kaplan, Connie Kasari, James F. Kavanagh, 3 Sandra Kownacki, Linda Kunce, Michael Lamb, 2 Rebecca Landa, Brenda Lee, Eric London, Lee Marcus, Joyce E. Mauk, 2 Audrey McMahon, Sakkubai Naidu, Karin Nelson, 2 Ralph Nitkin, Susan Pratt, Isabelle Rapin, 2 Judith Rapoport, 2 Joanne Roberts, Patricia Rodier, Jacquelyn Rosen, Elizabeth Roth, Jamie E. Ruppmann, Gene Sackett, 2 Bryna Siegel, Gloria Simpson, 2 James B. Snow, Donna Spiker, Giovanna Spinella, 3 Beth Sposato, Travis I. Thompson, 2 Lynn Waterhouse, Harry H. Wright, 2 Sumner J. Yaffe, Andrew Zimmerman, 2 Louise Zingeser, and Veronica Zysk.

  1. Conference Convener.
  2. Discussant. NIH Autism Conference Committee.
  3. Member NIH Inter-Institute Autism Conference Coordinating Committee.

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Last Updated Date: 08/14/2006
Last Reviewed Date: 08/14/2006
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