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Video Text Alternative: Meet Our Researchers: Dr. Reijo Pera describes how patient motivate her

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Meet Our Researchers

Dr. Reijo Pera explains how the personal stories of patients motivate her

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Renee A. Reijo Pera, Ph.D.

Dr. Reijo Pera on camera.
Dr. Reijo Pera: I get hundreds of emails from patients that are infertile and want to have children, so they directly find me. They do research on the Internet, and they actually contact. Some of the patients will call, but most commonly they write an email. And the most common email is one that usually begins with words like, "Can you help me?," and then it's usually a woman that has written. And the next line is either, "I have very few or no eggs," or it will be, "My husband has very few or no sperm, and we'd like to have a child."

And when I read those I still get kind of misty about it because I see sometimes that perhaps people don't understand the anguish that many couples go through. And they do feel as though they are somewhat alone and they reach out to me. And that's very interesting. I always answer those or I forward them to one of our clinicians that might be able to help.
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