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Video Text Alternative: Meet Our Researchers: Dr. Reijo Pera describes the support of her NICHD research network

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Meet Our Researchers

Dr. Reijo Pera describes the value of the SCCPIR program

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Renee A. Reijo Pera, Ph.D.

Dr. Reijo Pera on camera.
Dr. Reijo Pera: I'm here [in Bethesda, Maryland] with the SCCPIR conference, and this is the specialized cooperative that's focused on infertility and reproductive biology. And it's really important to get together as a group of scientists that are interested in helping people with infertility.
Camera Cut.

Dr. Reijo Pera on camera.
Dr. Reijo Pera: I also think the value of the SCCPIR program is that we exchange ideas and techniques. And that even though I'm at Stanford and we obviously have great technology and we're able to do many things, it's interesting to see what other scientists are doing in the reproductive space.
Camera Cut.

Dr. Reijo Pera on camera.
Dr. Reijo Pera: It is collaborative, but I also think that it's really important to have the company of others around you in order to get reassurance of the importance of the problem. So the patients tell you it's important, but the other scientists you get a sense that it's important. There is so much science going on.
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