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Text Alternative: Meet Our Researchers: Dr. DeCherney on Research Discoveries on the Horizon

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Meet Our Researchers

Dr. DeCherney describes the research discoveries he sees on the horizon

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Alan DeCherney, M.D.

Dr. Alan DeCherney on camera

Dr. Alan DeCherney: In obstetrics, prematurity, understanding labor are things that we’ll learn more about. And the second thing is understanding how the fetal environment influences the health of the person later on in life. And the genetic components of life—we’re just beginning to scratch the surface as far as understanding that.

As far as specifics are concerned: A specific area we’ll move into and that would be understanding the genetics of the embryo. There’s no doubt that in the near future the mother will be able to have a blood test that will be able to look at the profile of the fetus and know predictably what will be the health outcome for that person. I think that’s important. And of course, there’s also pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, where patients will be helped because the genetics of their embryo will be known. And that work is beginning now. It’s primitive but specific. As we learn more about genetics and specific genetic markers for disease, this will be part of the workup of the pregnant or the patient who wants to be pregnant.

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