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Text Alternative: Meet Our Researchers: Dr. DeCherney on Dr. Edwards

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Meet Our Researchers

Dr. DeCherney describes Dr. Edwards, who won the Nobel Prize for his pioneering IVF work

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Alan DeCherney, M.D.

Dr. Alan DeCherney on camera

Dr. Alan DeCherney: I was the editor of Fertility and Sterility, the major American journal, and he was the editor of Human Reproduction, which is the major European journal that deals with these issues. He did this work years ago, long before—well, not before I was born, but he did this work years before I was even in medical school. And the wonderful part about Dr. Edwards is that, although he did the first test tube baby and was a great biologist, he continued to be very interesting, he continued to ask great questions, and he continued to do very important research in the field. And he never was haughty. He would talk to anybody about the procedure. So that’s what I meant when I said he was a great raconteur: in that he was willing to talk to anybody at length, answer any questions. No question was beneath him.

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