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Video Text Alternative: Inside the NICHD: Dr. Anna Pollack on a Postdoc’s Typical Day

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Inside the NICHD:
Dr. Pollack describes a typical day for a postdoc

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GRAPHIC SLIDE:Anna Pollack, Ph.D.

Dr. Pollack on camera.
Dr. Anna Pollack: Day-to-day life as a postdoctoral fellow is—it varies. So some days are crammed full of meetings. I've been working heavily with my mentor on a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial that we've been working to get up and running for over a year now. And so that has taken a lot of kind of nuts-and-bolts, on-the-ground work with different groups of people meeting, meeting with our outside collaborators, and then meeting with internal collaborators. So that's one important aspect of the day-to-day. And then, I've also been involved in different collaborations on different research projects, and so I'll spend some time each day meeting with those individuals and making sure that their research is moving in the ways that they want it to. And then I try to carve out a little bit of time, not each day but potentially each week, to continue work on my own research and actually spend some time writing papers that will move towards publication, since that's an important way to get our research out to the public.
Camera Cut.

Dr. Pollack on camera.
Dr. Pollack: So that's one of the—what a typical day will look like, is a mix of meetings and then some time alone in my office, typing and working on research in that way.
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