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Media-Smart Youth provides all the materials you need to learn about and implement the program.

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Promotional Materials

These materials may help you spread the word about Media-Smart Youth.

  • Media-Smart Youth Fact Sheet
  • Infographic: Why Do We Need Media-Smart Youth? (1250 x 6148)
    Infographic: Why Do We Need Media-Smart Youth?
  • Presentation about the Media-Smart Youth program (PDF - 945 KB)
  • Social media posts
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      • Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active! is an interactive education program that helps youth understand the complex media world around them and how it can influence their health. Watch this video to learn more about the free program:

      • Empower youth to analyze media messages, make healthy food choices, and be physically active. The National Institutes of Health's #MediaSmartYouth program teaches youth to think critically about media's role in influencing their health. Order the FREE curriculum to start a program in your community.
    • Twitter
      • Free #MediaSmartYouth program from @NICHD_NIH promotes media literacy, good nutrition & physical activity. VIDEO:

      • The #MediaSmartYouth program from @NICHD_NIH teaches kids to analyze media, eat right & move more. Free copies at
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