Teachers play a vital role in helping middle school & high school students understand why they need calcium now.

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Calcium is essential to healthy bone development, especially for tweens (ages
9 to 12) and teens.

Unfortunately, most young people are not getting enough calcium. In fact, fewer than one in 10 girls and only one in four boys ages 9 to 13 are at or above his or her adequate intake of calcium.

As a teacher, you play an important role in helping tweens and teens understand the importance of getting the calcium they need. To help teach your students about the role of calcium in nutrition and bone health, Milk Matters offers free, easy-to-use lesson resources. These activities combine hands-on classroom lessons with take-home assignments, classroom discussion, and more. All classroom activities correlate with National Health Education Standards, Second Edition.*

* National Health Education Standards, Pre-K-12, Second Edition. American Cancer Society. 2007.

To download any of the classroom activities or supplemental materials, please select a link below.

Classroom Activities

Calcium Collector (PDF - 181 KB) (for ages 11 to 13)
Students learn the benefits of calcium and which foods have it, then play a game in which they try to achieve 1,300 calcium points.

Smart Snack Cookbook (PDF - 188 KB) (for ages 11 to 13)
Students create their own healthy snack recipes and then make calcium-rich smoothies.

Great Calcium Challenge (PDF - 481 KB) (for ages 14 to 15)
Students learn how to read nutrition labels, then calculate and track their calcium intake.

Supplemental Classroom Materials

New! Take-Home Materials for Parents (PDF - 231 KB)
These materials, which students can bring home to parents, reinforce the lesson concepts about calcium and bone health that the students learn in the classroom.

Lactose Intolerance Discussion Guide (PDF - 115 KB) (for ages 11 to 13)
This guide and handout address lactose intolerance and how to minimize its symptoms while still getting enough calcium.

Calcium Fact Sheet (PDF - 97 KB) (for all ages)
This background information explains the importance of calcium and physical activity for building strong bones.

Glossary of Terms (PDF - 65 KB) (for all ages)
This glossary for students can be used as a handout.

Assessment Ideas (PDF - 55 KB)
These suggestions may help teachers measure achievement of classroom activity learning objectives.

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Last Reviewed Date: 08/02/2010