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Poolesville ,MD 20837


Section on Comparative Behavioral Genetics


Elizabeth A. Simpson, Ph.D., joined the Laboratory of Comparative Ethology in 2011. In collaboration with her postdoctoral advisor, Dr. Pier F. Ferrari, of the University of Parma, she studies early infant social cognitive development. Dr. Simpson's research examines the ultimate and proximate mechanisms that shape individual differences in social perception. She examines whether early skills predict developmental outcomes, and whether trajectories can be altered through interventions.  She currently has two programmatic lines of behavioral research, both with human and macaque infants.  One research line examines face perception and the other examines action understanding.  Please see a full list of my publications External Web Site Policy.

Publications (PubMed):

Title Authors Publication Date
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The development of facial identity discrimination through learned attention.Simpson EA,Jakobsen KV,Fragaszy DM,Okada K,Frick JEDev Psychobiol2014 Jul
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Mirror neurons through the lens of epigenetics.Ferrari PF,Tramacere A,Simpson EA,Iriki ATrends Cogn Sci2013 Sep
Mirror neurons are central for a second-person neuroscience: insights from developmental studies.Simpson EA,Ferrari PFBehav Brain Sci2013 Aug
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