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Woodward Herbert, Ruth

Formal Title:

Staff Scientist





Poolesville ,MD 20837

Topics in my portfolio:

Publications (PubMed):

Title Authors Publication Date
CD4-like immunological function by CD4- T cells in multiple natural hosts of simian immunodeficiency virus.Vinton C,Klatt NR,Harris LD,Briant JA,Sanders-Beer BE,Herbert R,Woodward R,Silvestri G,Pandrea I,Apetrei C,Hirsch VM,Brenchley JMJ Virol2011 Sep
The effect of gonadectomy on prepulse inhibition and fear-potentiated startle in adolescent rhesus macaques.Morris RW,Fung SJ,Rothmond DA,Richards B,Ward S,Noble PL,Woodward RA,Weickert CS,Winslow JTPsychoneuroendocrinology2010 Jul
Successful behavioral strategy to unite mother and infant rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) after cesarean delivery.Ruggiero AM,Novak MF,Woodward RA,Suomi SJAm J Primatol2009 Jun
Gonadectomy negatively impacts social behavior of adolescent male primates.Richards AB,Morris RW,Ward S,Schmitz S,Rothmond DA,Noble PL,Woodward RA,Winslow JT,Weickert CSHorm Behav2009 Jun
DermaVir: a novel topical vaccine for HIV/AIDS.Lisziewicz J,Trocio J,Whitman L,Varga G,Xu J,Bakare N,Erbacher P,Fox C,Woodward R,Markham P,Arya S,Behr JP,Lori FJ Invest Dermatol2005 Jan
Effects of intestinal survival surgery on systemic and mucosal immune responses in SIV-infected rhesus macaques.Edghill-Smith YY,Aldrich K,Zhao J,Pinczewski J,Kalyanaraman VS,Johnson M,Heyliger A,Perrin RP,Woodward R,Robert-Guroff MJ Med Primatol2002 Dec
Rhesus macaque resistance to mucosal simian immunodeficiency virus infection is associated with a postentry block in viral replication.Peng B,Voltan R,Lim L,Edghill-Smith Y,Phogat S,Dimitrov DS,Arora K,Leno M,Than S,Woodward R,Markham PD,Cranage M,Robert-Guroff MJ Virol2002 Jun
Comparison of vaccine strategies using recombinant env-gag-pol MVA with or without an oligomeric Env protein boost in the SHIV rhesus macaque model.Earl PL,Wyatt LS,Montefiori DC,Bilska M,Woodward R,Markham PD,Malley JD,Vogel TU,Allen TM,Watkins DI,Miller N,Moss BVirology2002 Mar 15
Characterization of a simian human immunodeficiency virus encoding the envelope gene from the CCR5-tropic HIV-1 Ba-L.Pal R,Taylor B,Foulke JS,Woodward R,Merges M,Praschunus R,Gibson A,Reitz MJ Acquir Immune Defic Syndr2003 Jul 1
Boosting of SIV-specific immune responses in rhesus macaques by repeated administration of Ad5hr-SIVenv/rev and Ad5hr-SIVgag recombinants.Zhao J,Lou Y,Pinczewski J,Malkevitch N,Aldrich K,Kalyanaraman VS,Venzon D,Peng B,Patterson LJ,Edghill-Smith Y,Woodward R,Pavlakis GN,Robert-Guroff MVaccine2003 Sep 8
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