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How PAWS Functions in Daily Life

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 PAWS wheelchair making tracks PAWS making tracks: While the PAWS chair negotiates a curve, the frame remains in the same orientation. This results in the wheel paths crossing over one another, and the path length of each wheel to be the same.
 PAWS wheelchair in an elevator PAWS in an elevator: PAWS wheelchairs have the ability to pivot over their center allowing true zero turning radius operation, and making operation in tight quarters a breeze.
 PAWS wheelchair in a bathroom PAWS in public facilities: While providing safe, simple operation, mobility and maneuverability, negotiating indoor challenges is only the beginning of the capabilities of the PAWS technology.
 PAWS wheelchair in an office cubicle PAWS in an office cubicle: Because each wheel has the same path length, all of the wheels rotate at the same rate independent of the curve negotiated.
 PAWS wheelchair going up ramp into van PAWS on a car ramp: Because the wheels rotate the same rate, driven wheels can be controlled with simpler non-differential electronics, and full time all wheel drive is naturally implemented.
 PAWS wheelchair in use PAWS ease of use and movement: The incredible turning radius enables access and maneuverablility in tricky settings. Remember—the frame remains in the same orientation, and the path length of each wheel is the same.
 PAWS wheelchair on a sloping hillside PAWS on a slope: PAWS wheelchairs have no casters, so they have no tendency to swerve downhill while traversing a slope. And the all wheel drive system has ample power to climb slopes.
 PAWS wheelchair on sand PAWS on a variety of terrains: The full-time all-wheel drive and all-wheel independent suspension provide exceptional performance on a variety of surfaces, including sand...
 PAWS wheelchair in snow ... snow or ice
 PAWS wheelchair on rutted ground ...and rough terrain
Last Updated Date: 11/30/2012
Last Reviewed Date: 11/30/2012
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