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Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Branch (BBB)

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Combination of longitudinal biomarkers in predicting binary events: pattern mixture model and shared random effects model, by D. Liu and P.S. Albert

Software of Statistical Genetics by Dr. Fan's group

(1) Generalized Functional Linear Models for Gene-based Case-Control Association Studies, R. Fan and Y. Wang

(2) Functional Linear Models for Association Analysis of Quantitative Traits, by R. Fan and Y. Wang

(3) Association analysis of complex diseases using triads, parent-child dyads and singleton monads, by R. Fan and A. Lee


(4) Hotelling T^2 Tests, by R. Fan and M. Knapp

(a) Hotelling T^2 Tests Based on Population Case Control Data
(b) Hotelling T^2 Tests Based on Nuclear Trio Family Data
(c) Hotelling T^2 Tests Based on Sib-ship Data

(5) Software to Detect Positive Selection in the Human Genome, by R. Fan and M. Zhong

(a) Extended Homozygosity Score Test (EHST)

An example of HapMap II data:

(b) A Cross-population Extended Haplotype-based Homozygosity Score Test (xp-EHHST)

An example of HapMap II data:

Last Updated Date: 10/20/2014
Last Reviewed Date: 10/20/2014

Contact Information

Name: Dr Paul Albert
Chief and Senior Investigator
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Branch
Phone: 301-496-5582

Staff Directory
Vision National Institutes of Health Home BOND National Institues of Health Home Home Storz Lab: Section on Environmental Gene Regulation Home Machner Lab: Unit on Microbial Pathogenesis Home Division of Intramural Population Health Research Home Bonifacino Lab: Section on Intracellular Protein Trafficking Home Lilly Lab: Section on Gamete Development Home Lippincott-Schwartz Lab: Section on Organelle Biology